Saturday, December 13, 2014

In The Words of Matisse

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what my next creative venture will be - I am yearning for it!  I was having a chat with a young woman in my office who is facing the cross road that I once faced in choosing a career path, on one hand, she wants to please her parents and honor them by taking on a job in finance or medicine.  On the flip side is what she actually wants to do, study film, be in a band and explore her creativity.  I once had to make this bold choice when I was in college.  Do I carry on as a chemistry major heading to a life of needing drugs to get me through a life of boring monotony,(my apologies to those who love this:), or do I choose my own destiny and learn to live with the consequences - not to sound negative, but there is a possibility of failure:).  Well, what I have learned in my years, is always do what you love - by doing so, you never lose!  My journey is and has been highly blessed and I am grateful and excited about what lies ahead!  In the words of one of my favorite artists:
- Henri Matisse

My other favorite saying from him...

“Nothing can be accomplished without love. ” 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Give More, Love More - T'is The Season!

This year I find myself hopeful that we will find more ways to give love, joy, and share the true spirit of the season with our families, friends, neighbors, communities, and especially those in need.  As we spend our time decorating our homes, I hope that we spend more time decorating our spirit and soul with the values of Christ.  Wishing you a blessed Christmas season!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer White Rebellion

As summer approaches an unofficial end, most of us were taught that after Labor Day, 
your whites must be placed in storage for next year.  Well, as a true rebel at heart, there are many summer whites that I will continue to enjoy well beyond Labour Day...besides, summer does not officially end until September 21st.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Head in the Clouds

 God is always giving us something to smile about - we just have to pay attention.  
Happy Weekend!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Street Galleries

 Walking around the city is one of my favorite pastimes.  New York is a great walking city, one reason is because of all of the amazing art that you'll discover on the streets.  Many artists in NY will use the city as their canvas - and it is brilliant.  As much as I love visiting the Met, MOMA, the Guggenheim and all of the wonderful galleries and museums in this city, street art is awe inspiring.  The courage and spirit of the artist is always felt.  To soar the heights on the side of the wall of a building with your palette and tools in hand, knowing that there will not be any monetary gain, but only enjoyment by the passersby and perhaps the pride the artist might have with the result, is a gift to the city.  I cried when I found out that a developer would destroy Long Island City's 5 Pointz, so many of the city's street artists were represented there and their souls as city street artists were alive and shared with all of us.   These are the galleries and museums of the street, they are free and invigorate often bleak and barren city streets.  If there were Basquiat's or Picasso's on a street wall, would we tear it down or would the name recognition be a reason to declare it a landmark.  

Photos:  Picasso by Sr. X, Trae Bien all others

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eat at the Factory

Last night I got a text message from my dear friend Fadzi saying that she was heading back to Fabbrica and that I had converted her.  Fabbrica is a gem of a restaurant in the highly trendy Williamsburg Brooklyn.  Most Manhattanites  rarely stray from the many great culinary choices in the city - but I convinced my friends that Fabbrica is worth jumping on the L train for and the short walk from Bedford to 6th & Kent.  The decor alone is reason enough to make this one of your favorite places in the city.  Italian for Factory, the architect and designer clearly paid attention to the history of the area.  Fortunately, it is the overall experience that made my friends and I yearn for more.  On my first visit there I sat on a Chesterfield sofa perched in the the floor to ceiling window that opens to the street, and I never wanted to leave.  The breeze, the food, the great people watching, and bevies suddenly made me feel as though I was on one of my favorite vacations.  On our second visit. as we stood by the open kitchen marveling at the space, Executive Chef  Jennifer Cole-Ruiz came over to say hello and ask about our experience.  We had yet to try the food, but when we did, it did not disappoint.  We started with wood-fired brick oven pizza - Prosciutto mozzarella, prosciutto di parma, arugula, shaved parmigiano - divine!  The oysters, gnocchi, pappardelle and skirt steak were all delicious dishes and the reason that I got a text from Fadzi last night:).  Stay, enjoy and indulge!


Monday, June 30, 2014

RUN to the Kara Walker Exhibit

Kara Walker has created something monumentally brilliant and if you are in New York, you simply must not miss it! Her latest exhibition at the Domino Sugar factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn ends on July 6th - and is free.  New York has had many amazing art exhibits - those etched in my memory are Jacob Lawrence at the Whitney, Basquiat at The Brooklyn Museum, The Motorcycle exhibit at the Guggenheim, Kara's silhouttes also at The Whitney, and now A Subtlety, Kara's disturbingly beautiful homage to slaves during the sugar trade from the Caribbean to this this country.  The sugar factory, which is slated to be demolished shortly after the exhibit ends, is in itself a stunningly raw and rustic marvel.  Creative Time, a non-profit art organization, could not have selected a better artist to create something for this venue - it's as though the building would not be destroyed without an acknowledgement of its rich history.  Kara delivered, and we found ourselves not wanting to leave because we knew that once we did, we would never experience anything quite like this again.  On our way out, I spoke with two older wise women who said that this exhibit will live on in our memories and images taken - and so it shall! 

All images by: Trae Bien

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Join The Club

Around the Holidays, I went for a walk in my work neighborhood and discovered the newly renovated Club Monaco.  My senses immediately went into overload - beginning with, which door to enter - do I go through the coffee shop first - no, I went through the front door with it's beautifully decorated entrance - besides, there was a huge Christmas tree right in the middle of the floor.  Club Monaco has come a long way since it first opened.  Ralph Lauren, the American fashion visionary, clearly had a vision for  this store's potential, he acquired it in 1999 from a Toronto based company and has strategically down-played his ownership - that is until now.  I worked for Ralph years ago and this store has all of the stylish upgrades that one would expect of his brand and a few clever additions.  Ralph included some of New York's finest establishments and gave them a shop within his shop - thus making this store an experience that goes far beyond clothing.  The expected visually smart and stunning decorative elements are throughout the store.  This includes Polux Fleuriste flower shop, that delivers your flowers in a beautiful hat box, the Toby Estates coffee shop, a Williamsburg, Brookyn favorite, and the NYC iconic Strand Bookstore with a fireplace that lures you to take a book and sit.  Ralph nailed it with this one and may I suggest that you join the club.